An Innovative Solution for Climate Revolution


The Effective Features

Eternize your name for ever

Immortalize your name in the palm groves of the Historical Port of Kong by participating in Kongestoon.

Support Sustainable Development Goals

SDG.11: "Make sustainable cities and communities"
SDG.17: "Partnership for the goals"

Develop cross-border collabration

Participating on the global scale through a local act

Drive your business

Buy a palm, make the international credit for yourself


An Innovative Solution for Climate Revolution

Kongestoon is an innovative solution design that is aimed not only to revive the historical palm groves of Kong port, but also promotes the environmental streams across Persian Gulf and the Middle East region. In addition, this creative startup would affect socio-economic functions on both local and international scales significantly due to its innovative proposed process and platforms to do.
Briefly, it could be mentioned that Kongestoon is a dynamic platform for participating in cultivating date palm trees in Kong Historical Port by which approximately 75 hectares of palm groves will revive during the next ten years.
Kongestoon's platform provide a participatory environment in which every person could buy a date palm tree individually or she/he can partner with others to buy a tree as well.
There is no limit to the number of trees to buy by one person. Hence, Kongestoon provides a crowdfunding process to make a climate revolution.
Furthermore, Kongestoon is designed to make the names of participants lasting by developing gamification features. Kongestoon tends to accompany participants in this environmental case and secure loyal customers over the years.

0 KG
CO2 Obsored

The 3-step process

Choose your participation plan

Order your date palm tree


Receive your Plaque

Our Team


Hojat Aabed

Commercial Manager.

Interesting Idea! for me, participating in this process would be a vital spot to play a key role for the planet. Furthermore, there are many creative benefits to keeping in touch with local communities.


Ali FazelHashemi

Chief Executive Officer

In my point of view, Kongestoon could provide a wide range of opportunities for other cities to not only improve their green spaces but also play a joint role to develop a network of local climate change mitigation actions.


Sina Ataei

Chief officer operation.

"Kongestoon", is a significant experience in terms of participation in the local start-up for benefit of the earth. Now, I have my date palm and my plaque in the Kong port and I would make a plan to visit this interesting city.

We have enhanced climate change mitigation trends through the global co-creation platform of voluntaries all over the world.

Kongestoon is a common ground among all activists who care about environment issues as well as local development actions.


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